Teardrops Will Be Strangers

How long the cries of heartache
Echo in the darkest night,
Is there sweet relief for little ones
With no end of grief in sight...

Hurting, lost without a friend
Where do they weep today,
Confused by life's rejection
What would they like to say.
Tender hearts bear painful scars
But the Lord preserves the tears,
Recording every whimper
Pouring from their fears..

Here they see through darkest windows
With much anguish that is born,
But, this ocean full of weeping
Will never spill on heaven's door.
Lintels here are stained with teardrops
From hurt that breaks apart,
But they will not trickle down
On heaven's golden path.

For Jesus, soon will come again
In the twinkling of an eye,
The trumpet will resound with love
And they will lift up to the sky.
Carried through the pearly gates
Cherubs, answering the call,
Are swept homeward..... safe at last
Where dark shadows never fall.

No more to question loss of loved ones
Laying in the grave so cold,
For death's grief will hold no victory
In the land where none grow old.
Soon they will burst with gladdest joy
And dance in life sublime,
To mourn no longer clouds of night
But bask in sunshine, for all time.

Then teardrops will be unknown strangers
Never welcomed there at all,
For, cradled in the Father's love
A broken heart will cry no more.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
©2004 used with permission

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