I dreamed I died and went to Heaven,
An angel let me in.
I saw the streets all paved in gold
And knew I was free of sin.

I felt so blessed, I was on holy ground,
The sky aglow with pink and blue.
As I walked, I saw a beautiful gem,
Could I see our Lord, our Saviour...
Is He somewhere to be found?
Everything was like I read in the Bible,
So beautiful and serene.
Glistening shining brightly,
All sins were washed away and cleaned.

I was led to the throne of our Saviour
And there, I knelt at His feet.
The Lord Jesus took my hand in His...
It's Him, I so wanted to meet.
He welcomed me with a smile so loving
And He held me in His arms.
I thanked Him for giving me this beautiful dream,
He whispered, He would protect me from all harm.

I wanted to know if I could stay in Heaven
Our Saviour took me to His side;
He told me He was glad I was there
And that He would always be my guide
It was so calm, peaceful, serene
I wanted to stay in His kingdom forever.
This bond I shared with our Savior,
would never be severed.

I washed my eyes and felt much lighter
And noticed I had wings of white.
I was with the angels who sang for Jesus
I was in Heaven with everlasting life.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
do you remember me
the people's poet

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