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On Oct. 7th. 2001
American and British Forces Launched Missile and air strikes against
Taliban Military targets, aiming at terrorists blamed for the attacks
that murdered thousands of precious lives in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.
Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Armed Forces of these
Two Great Nations, who are protecting us by fighting to eliminate Terrorism.

America Strikes Back

America's hands have always been upheld and open wide,
to embrace the poor and needy, to stand by their side.
Some slip across our borders, knowing our life is good,
to become American citizens to live, as humans should.

American Dreams are a reality as each forefather knew.
United People, with a-vision, making dreams come true.
An American Giant lays at leisure in a false reverie,
with many allies, no reason for much needed security.

A Nine-One-One alarm is heard, all around the world.
New York's twin towers, two airliners have been hurled.
Planes with many passengers, high-jacked from the sky,
A fourth crashed in Pennsylvania, hero's chose to die.

Pentagon's bombed with a plane, full of people and fuel.
Terrorists are suspected, only They could be this cruel.
America's many freedoms, religion is one's own choice.
We stand for the rights of others in one united voice.

Terrorist's say "It's God's will, the cause of this deed."
Claiming our precious Savior, has sown the vulgar seed.
It's In-Human, Human beings, they will be made to pay.
If not now, I know for sure, they will, on Judgement day.

Be with us, Lord, in our great battle, we ask of you today.
Guide the leaders of every nation, in all they do and say.
We do not know for sure, which way we are, now, to turn.
Lord, give your wisdom to U.S. now, that we may discern.

When a cobra, strike at you, off must come its head.
Jesus, you find this culprit, this snake should be dead.
Lord, now avenge your precious name, we call on you, we pray.
God bless us, your human race, Lord, heal our land this day...

Copyright 2001 Jenny Wren All rights reserved

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The author of the poem is Jenny Wren.
Jenny Wren

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