The Beauty Of The Summer...

~The Beauty Of The Summer~

I savor the flavors of the summer time
the many colors branching out along the landscape
the freshness of a new day
a butterfly soundlessly attending to each flower
with a sweeping dance

The sun beating upon the green grass
changing it to shades of brown,
as the season goes around
to show its new magic beginning
to form

Summer warms the heart
with a breeze that curtails
the searing heat
with the cool of the ocean
and brings a thirst to the land
once again

The vacancy of color will always
be filled with new foliage every year
Birds,bees, butterflies
and the new buds on the trees
will all come again

Once hidden in the cold winter months
they will be invited to return
and once again play
and sing their songs
of a new day
till' time decomposes their stay
and they find a warmer place to spread
their beauty

I then wait again for the return of
the summers parade of treasures
that smile upon the earth once again
with a warmth only to be found
in the summer

© Janet Ford

1 Chronicles 29:13 (KJV)
Now therefore, our God,
we thank thee, and
praise thy glorious name.

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