We 'Otter' Be In The Pool.....

If you were here with me
Or, I was there with you,
And it was summer
Then we 'otter' be in the pool.

And that is where we'd want to stay
In the hope of keeping cool,
The only place for you and I
In summer, as a golden rule.

So, let's kick back and have a chat
Relax, just you and I,
Paddle some, and scud about
And let out a gladsome sigh.

Oh joy, those lazy hazy days
Of summer, at last have come,
We 'otter' enjoy God's sun to the max
As we share His heavenly love.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠJune 2009
Poetry From The Heart

Rest is not idleness,
and to lie sometimes on
the grass under trees on a
Summer's day, listening to
the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds
float across the
sky is by no means
a waste of time

~J. Lubbuck~

roll out those lazy hazy days of summer......

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