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The Land Beyond the Sun

A gentle voice is calling me
From somewhere in the night
It speaks to me of a far away home
And God's everlasting light.
God whispers to me so subtly
Each new day I arise
Life is sweet but can't complete
With my home in paradise.
God sent his own beloved son
To set the people free
Jesus died so I might live
With him eternally.
Through Jesus I am forgiven
Even though at times I stray
I'm closest to my Savior
When I'm on my knees to pray.
In the presence of the Blessed One
Someday I'll pass away
I'll lay aside this early pride
And shed this tent of clay.
With angel wings I will mount up
To soar in sacred places
Beyond the earth, the moon and stars
To the land of holy graces.
A glorious home awaits for me
When life on earth is done
A heavenly voice will softly call
In the land beyond the sun.

Copyright 2001 Marilyn Ferguson

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Yuko Ohigashi
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The Land Beyond the Sun