Jesus said i am the light.........

Sunlight Streams

The sunlight streams
Through the joyful trees,
Dancing gently
In the summer breeze.

The birds sing
In perfect harmony,
All of nature
Unites in symphony.

With them I am grateful,
With them I rejoice,
With them I praise God
With a blissful voice.

For who else could make
The skies so blue?
Who could set seasons
To cycle and renew?

Who else could paint
The flowers so bright?
Who else could separate
The day from the night?

Surely none other
Than our Creator, our King;
Surely with His love
He makes everything.

As I feel sunlight,
As I see trees dance,
I recall that this beauty
Does not come by chance.

Our Sweet Jesus
Orchestrated this harmony;
The beating of His heart
Plays this symphony.

So I worship my Jesus
Here on bended knees,
As His sweet Sonlight streams
Through the joyful trees.

©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

2 Samuel 23:4
He dawns on them like the
morning light, like the sun shining
forth on a cloudless morning, like rain
that makes grass to sprout from the earth.

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