When God sees fit to take someone
So very close and dear
I know that he is with you
Through your worries and your fear.

He doesn't take them forever
Though it may seem that way to you
You had them longer than he did
So now he needs them too.

You will soon be with them
Someday in Heaven above
And you will live forever
In an everlasting love.

We never want our loved ones
To suffer not one day
He removes all pain from their bodies
When they go with him to stay.

He doesn't mean to make you sad
Or break your heart in two
For you are his child dear one
And Jesus does love you.

So now there is an empty chair
No one can fill that space
But your loved one is sitting there
Though you can't see their face.

There is no way that's easy
When it's time to say good by
Give them your love before they go
They live, they do not die.

©Ginny Bryant
Journey Of Love

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