When the way is dark and lonely
When you've walked your last mile
When the shadows gather around you
And you've forgotten how to smile
When the world turns against you
And your heart is solid stone
You look up with tear-filled eyes
But everyone is gone
When your path is long and weary
And you think no one will understand
...Take His hand

When you're at your weakest moment
And there's no sun in your sky
And you're wishing in your heart
That the Lord would let you die
When your pain gets unbearable
That you ache deep in your soul
And no matter which way you search
The world seems hard and cold
When you scream out in despair
Sinking deeper in shifting sand
...Take His hand

When you can't go another step
And you can't cope alone
When you look back on your life
At sins you can't condone
When all your friends have left you
And you have no family
And peace in a bottle of pills
Is the only thing you see
When you are weary.....too sick to stand
...Take His hand

Linda Hill 2005

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