Take my hand..........

Take My hand, child,
Come now with Me;
Take My hand, child,
We have much now to see.

See the pathway before us?
I have laid it for you.
All things I make lovely,
All things I renew.

The trees on your path
With joy clap in song;
The birds sing of love
On this path you belong.

So take My hand,
Follow Me this way;
I will inspire you, My child,
With the words I say.

Never do you walk alone,
I am here by your side;
I carry all your burdens,
I comfort, I guide.

Can you ask for more
Than all that I give?
Surely I give everything,
Indeed breath to live.

I reach out my hand,
I rejoice to walk with You;
Jesus, show me where to go,
What to say, what to do.

My hand in Yours,
I vow to walk Your way;
You are my Compass, Lord,
Every moment, every day.

I delight in my pathway,
I delight in You;
All things You make lovely,
All things You renew.

Jesus, take my hand,
Stay ever near to me;
Take my hand, Beloved,
Hold me for all eternity.

Caroline Gavin ŠAugust 2012
Purposeful Pathway

Yet I am always with you;
you hold me by my right hand.
Psalm 73:23 (NIV)

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