Take my hand..........

Take My hand,
Walk now with Me,
Open your eyes
To clearly see

The beauty of blessings
All around you,
The bliss of My love
Timeless and true,

The richness of grace
Here and everywhere,
The brilliance of sunshine
Melting each fear.

Yes, take My hand,
My child so sweet,
Let the song of My love
Bring a dance to your feet,

Let My endless joy
Be your heartís song,
Let My sweet love
Beat ever strong,

As it is you I love,
Little child of mine,
With love that is pure,
Love that is divine,

With love eternal,
Love surpassing all,
Love that is wide,
Long, deep and tall.

So how can you
For one moment fear
When your Lord Jesus
Is always near?

The beauty of My blessings
Is all around you,
Let this truth
Inspire all you do..

Yes, take My hand,
Walk forever with Me,
For I, your Jesus,
Am with you eternally!

Caroline Gavin ©July 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 73:23
"Yet I am always with you;
you hold me by my right hand."

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