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All we like sheep have gone astray,
This God says in His Word.
When I read this passage my friend.
My how my heart is stirred.

For my life was filled with much
Sorrow, pain and woe.
Sin abounded deep in my heart,
I was born that way you know.

But God reached down
Through His dear Son
And saved this soul of mine.
He's the very best friend
Any of us, Could ever hope to find.

Jesus, God's beloved Son
died on Calvary's cross.
Shed his precious blood for us,
So we wouldn't have to be loss.

Accept God's truth into your heart,
Repent and truly believe
That Jesus died, was buried and rose again
From sins bondage be set free.

Then Christ will be your shepherd true
And you His precious sheep
And you'll be safely in His fold
With no more reason to weep.

Except for souls still gone astray
who are not yet in His fold
They need folks like you and me
To tell them the sweet story of old

So go out in the fields
as white as snow
They are ripe all ready to reap
Find some lost lamb
And bring them to
Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep.

Jesus, tender shepherd
The Shepherd of the sheep
Bring those lambs to Jesus,
To Jesus, the Shepherd of the sheep.

copyright 1992 Nancy F. Wigmore

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