Thanking Our Lord

The sun is shining, the sky is blue
Someone sent it, I wonder who?
I can't help but stare, at the beauty in the sky
That special beauty, should I ask why?

The beauty around us, for all to see
Taken for granted, by you and me
Every day is a gift, given to us all
Only to have it ignored, never hearing the call

Why can't we just stop, and whisper THANK YOU
For the one sending the gift, WE all know who
The beauty to see, the sounds to hear
Never once will, we shed a tear
For life is a gift, each day we awake
Yet we never give back, we only take
He never asks for much, maybe a simple prayer
To show our thankfulness, to show we care

OUR GOD is forever, being taken away
By some of those, who never pray
I know in my heart, OUR LORD will not leave
He will stay in our hearts, though he is left to grieve

He will never be taken away from deep down inside
I will make sure, I won't leave him to hide
I pray to OUR LORD, and thank him always
For caring and giving, no matter who strays
So why not just take, a moment from your day
And thank OUR LORD for sending it your way
Get to know GOD, let him into your heart
When he is there, He will always stay a part
Of your life, your happiness, and so much more
Once He is there, never close the door.

©Cathy (Cookie) Carletti
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