What Happened to Thanksgiving

The summer has all but vanished
yet blue skies still remain
The fall colors have started to set in
still some things stay the same

The Halloween fun has long been gone
but something seems to have gotten lost
The day of THANKFULNESS, that comes around every year
has been tossed aside ,at any cost

Where candy corns, and costumes were
now Christmas lights shine bright
Christmas music everywhere,
THANKSGIVING is totally out of sight

So I want to take this opportunity
to all of you who feel
to many, very real

So as this BOUNTIFUL HOLIDAY approaches
it seems without any caring
May all of you spend this time with family
friends, and all who believe in sharing

It's sad to see this HOLIDAY, as special, as it may be
Forgotten in the eyes of many, no one wants to see
That this HOLIDAY forgotten, among all the Christmas cheer
Will be spent quietly by those of us, who want our loved ones near

SO to all of you, who will spend this time,
giving thanks for this special day
May the GOOD LORD up ABOVE show you joy and love
in His own special way

Have A Blessed Thanksgiving...
~From me to you~

© 2007 Catherine Ann Carletti

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours

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