A Thanksgiving To Remember
In The Middle East

Now it is Thanksgiving,
We are gathering to remember
Our sons and daughters home from the East.
Though so tired and weary their hearts and feet,
The smile on each face,
Something to behold, in God's grace.
As worn and torn their bodies are
They want to explain the truth Of all they had to do.

With a feast of turkey, potatoes, and pie,
We will listen to the stories of suffering and pain.
We know our children could have died
Yet with compassion, prayed all that time,
as those who lived in this land
cried outside their door,
They could not understand,
what all the fighting was for.

"We all just wanted peace," our children said
"The sand was hard to make for a bed
We kept law and order as much as we could
We prayed to God for water and bread
So by Jesus we could all be fed.

Thanksgiving we remember, we can never forget
The people in the middle east,
Who we tried to help have something to eat,
For few blessings do they know
All they have is the fear of death.
But we sought to be ones they could trust,
To show goodness
So they could learn how man can be just.

Before going there our eyes were closed
We didn't appreciate rainbows,
Nor give thanks for all here so great,
We just went as young people
To help make us all safe.

We came back, adults who can see
With more grace, like God's love for us all,
To have a Thanksgiving to remember,
Where all can be free."

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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