As I look out my window,
this Thanksgiving

As I look out my window, this Thanksgiving
I see a child watching the snow fall from the trees
There are children going for a sleigh ride
If I walked in the park, all would be silent
And I could hear, if I listened quietly,
God talking to me

As I look out my window, remembering
I see a child, with brown curls down to her waist
A beautiful dress, with white stockings and black shoes
I was a little fairy princess
With a mother who loved me too

As I look out my window, this Thanksgiving
I see a countryside I have never seen before
There are horses, dogs to pet,
Birds singing in the trees
There are owls and deer in the distance
I love the life I see

As I look out my window, this Thanksgiving
I turn my head and think
This family must know what I would like to say
For the candle they put in their window,
Shows me where I come from and who I am
Then I can really see "God's Art" on Thanksgiving Day

I thank you Jesus for giving me
Something I wanted more than any gift could give
A new family and to live with all You created
As I walk upon life's path
This thanksgiving, I give thanks for the food
But, most of all, My Dear Jesus
Thankyou for giving me your heart, so I can see, at last.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours with love and blessings......

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