I hear a whisper on Thanksgiving Day

I woke up this morning on Thanksgiving Day
I heard the birds whispering and I smiled
In my heart I knew you were calling
Your voice I had'nt heard in awhile
My spirit sister was calling to me

I felt your love as if you were there
Your whisperings spoke of a heavenly place
I opened my window and looked out to see
Such beauty all around me

I see us together, side by side
We were aware of every sound
We watch the squirrels as they hid their nuts
On branches and holes in the tree
The ducks are swimming in a nearby lake
And we feel such a wonderful breeze

Butterflies are flying oh so free
And the birds are flying high
You and I are hand in hand
Such beauty makes us sigh

Singing in the sunlight as we walk along
Watching everything that takes place
I hear a whisper on Thanksgiving Day
My spirit sisiter put a smile on my face
In the afternoon I sit at my table
I will no longer be alone
Sitting with me on this day
Are two special people I call my own

Jesus will sit at the head of the table
My spirit sister will sit at the end
I will be between the two of them
Their love and blessings is what they send

We will enjoy a great meal
All these things will take place
Cause in my heart I'm in their arms
No more lonely days will I face

A whisper came to me on Thanksgiving Day
It was God's miracle he sent to me
A vision of Him and my spirit sister
It was put there for me to see.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Happy Thanksgiving
from our home to yours with love and blessings.

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Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours with love and blessings......

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