My Thanksgiving Day with My Lord Jesus written by Linda Ann Henry with love.............

My Thanksgiving Day
with My Lord Jesus

Today, Thanksgiving Day will be with My Lord Jesus
I will be blessed with the spirit of God.
I will have a Turkey ready, with corn and apple pie
I want to share it with Jesus, He is the one who cares.

I will look out the door for Heaven to open up their door
I will wait for Jesus, for it is Him I adore
I was told by a dear friend, it does not matter if you are alone
When you are with Jesus, you have found your home.
My Thanksgiving Day will be will Jesus
He will give me a flower from His garden, so I can see
Let other people be happy with their work they must do
May they sit around their tables saying their "I love you's"

Let them be merry and of good cheer
I will be happy in a different way, year after year
My Thanksgiving Day with My Lord Jesus, is all I will ever need
Jesus wants my love, that I can always see.
He will light my birthday cakes, it is another year
He will give me His Blessings and write His name on a brand new star
He will sit with me until it is very late, His hands so strong in mine
He will smile at me and I will have a wonderful time.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

  Happy Thanksgiving  with love and blessings......
from our home to yours with love and blessings.

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  Happy Thanksgiving  with love and blessings......

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