I was a big girl before I realized there was a Thanksgiving day;
We were too poor to recognize it, to celebrate in any way;
But when I grew to adulthood, the meaning dawned on me;
It wasn't about fine dinners with dressings and turkeys;

It's about the love of people, about what the Lord blessed through the year;
It's about how we plant spiritually, what we reap, we give with cheer;
We adopt a giving nature, thank with grateful hearts and minds;
Remember this on Thanksgiving as we each sit down to dine;

We are living in a country, where we are richly blessed;
Our ancestors before us blazed a trail from east to west;
North to South the trails were mastered, by brave giving hands;
So give thanks this Thanksgiving for our freedom which still stands;

Those who can't be with us, gave and give because they care;
So give thanks this Thanksgiving, by giving a Thanksgiving Prayer.

© 2003 Vessie Lou Horton

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