Thank You Lord, written by Pastor Linda Begley with love........
Thank You Lord.............

I just want to thank-you Lord
For the life and blessings in your word
Never in my wildest dreams
Would I have known your plans for me

When I was in my depths of sin
You reminded me I was born again
Not to be of this world no more
Your love for me was to restore
Things that the enemy has robbed me sore
For it is your will for my life to prosper more
You are now the closest friend I've ever had
Bottling each tear restoring joy when sad

Blessings are gonna truly pour out
For this is what your promise is about
Trusting in the Holy One
To strengthen us and to overcome
Lest any man should try to say
That you don't answer when we pray
Our faithfullness will bring rewards
Just trust in HIM and keep pressing forward


Pastor Linda Begley ©2007
On 6-18-07 I was called into the ministry

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