Amid the beauty in heaven
God sat upon his throne
With angels all around him
He still felt so alone.
I need someone to talk with
To fellowship with me
But first I must create a place
Filled with love and harmony.

Then God in all his glory
Created the planet Earth
And rivers of purest water
Sprang forth from dust and dirt.
But the earth lay in darkness
Void of any light
And God said I will change that
And he created day and night.

He made the mighty oceans
He made the peaceful seas
He filled earth with many herbs
And fruit from many trees.
The waters He filled with creatures
Winged fowl to fly in the air
Beasts to roam over the earth
Each seeking it's own for care.

Then looking down from heaven
Surveying the work he had done
Blessed the fruits of his labor
Including the moon and sun.
God walked through his beautiful garden
There were colors of every hue
His Eden a place of beauty
Needed man to share the view.

And God said let us make man
In our image he shall be
I will have someone to talk with
Someone to walk with me.
Then bending down He touched the earth
Taking dust in His mighty hand
He formed the greatest of all creatures
He formed the body of man.

This beautiful man so perfect
Was not yet completely whole
And God breathing life in his nostrils
Made man a living soul.

Ruth Tomlin © August 1975

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