The Cross

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Holy Blood all down did flow -
Where people stood on Holy Ground
And did not know....
Where angels gasp, and closed their eyes;
And foolish men, believing,
Became wise.

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Love divine and bitter gall would meet;
And tears would flow, not for Himself, but me!
Where even nature wept and trembled through -
Where darkness fell with force
Ere night was due.

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Satan laughed and thought that he had won,
But Christ knew when the deed was done
It would not be the devil's victory -
It would be souls that He, Himself
set free!

The Cross! The Cross!
The ugly plan of men to bring most pain
Has brought instead for us, a Heaven's gain!
The symbol of a horrid death depose and
Fill my heart with treasure Christ well knows.

The Cross! The Cross!
The insidious sign now made so beautiful!
The ultimate loss - ultimate gain!
The Son of God - dead but alive -
Forever more the same!

I cannot look upon the cross but know
There is no measure of the love that flows
There is no measure of the strength of Blood;
Oh, Holy Blood, sweep o'er me like a flood.

© 2003
Joan Clifton Costner

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