The golden sun on the blue sky
Is a gift of love from God Most High
She zealously blazes and burns
As each day her course she runs

Blazing forth vivaciously from the east
She must reach her destined west
Torch of the Almighty set in space
From there she shines her lovely face

Graciously on men like a dove
She shines down from above
Wondrously shining as she smiles
Successfully through her miles

Her smile makes the earth to glow
And cultivated seeds receive strength to grow
She causes the lily flowers to bloom
And then, the birds sing their melodious tunes

Robed resplendently with radiant light
She holds at bay the night
Burnished gold so beautiful to behold
Radiating energy and ecstasy untold

The golden sun that rises in the morning
Inspires praises to our Creator and King
A bundle of joy,a symbol of hope
Letting us know God's love will never stop.

Benjamin Anabaraonye June 2011

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