The Harvest......

Refreshed I am
Breathing the crisp fall air;
The leaves are vibrant,
The blue sky clear.

Though winter is nigh,
Life is at her peak;
In the glorious colors
I hear You speak:

Daughter, rejoice now,
For I am close to you;
Child, I am here
To guide all you do.

See the glory
Of the colors in the fall?
Does it not remind
That I am King of all?

Feel the cool air,
Feel the crisp breeze?
Hear the clapping
Of leaves on the trees?

Is not the world
Amidst a celebration?
Do you hear the song
Of all of creation?

So in this harvest
With Me now sing;
I am the Source
Of every good thing.

Yea, Lord, I delight
To celebrate the harvest;
You work all for good,
Indeed all for best.

I look forward to the day
I am Home with You;
All things You beautify,
All things You renew.

Praise You, O Jesus,
I feel You in fall air;
And in colors of the harvest
Your love shines clear.


Caroline Gavin ©Nov. 2012
Purposeful Pathway

Let both grow together until the harvest,
and at harvest time I will tell the reapers,
Gather the weeds first and bind them
in bundles to be burned, but gather
the wheat into my barn.
Matthew 13:30

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