As I say my prayers tonight
I ask The Lord, why did He die for me;
My family who raised me,
wishes I was never born,
So I asked God
why did he suffer for
an unwanted child at all.
This is what He said...
I can hear Him as if
He was sitting on my bed.
"My Sweet Child", I am glad you came
If you were not born,
nothing on earth would be the same.
I blessed you and the angels sang,
The night you came into the world.
You are forever blessed;
You have helped people
You touched
With your kindness,
your words and your love.
You reached out to them..
Some may have never made it,
If you did not help everyone
sent to you.
I am your God
and I am so proud
of the things you do.
There is much beauty I put in your soul
You see what I have created
You glory in nature
You are like the butterfly,
with the colors of the universe
Let your heart fly in the clouds
I will dry your eyes
I gave you a reason, do not ask why.
Remember, I loved you all of your days
You will never fade away
I am Jesus, call My name
I will always love you,
"I will never change".
So my prayer ended...
I gave a sigh, I do have a reason,
Our Lord told me why.
I wil treasure God's words,
When I asked, He took the time
To tell an unwanted woman
she is loved
In God's own time.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
do you remember me
the people's poet

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