Dear heavenly father, please guide our way
We ask for your protection night and day
All of your angels have been sent
They guide and protect us where ever we went
When our friends or family need your care
We ask you Lord Jesus in our prayer
We feel the angels presence in butterfly wings
We know your presence is near in all things
No matter how deep the ocean or high the sky
When we believe in you Lord, you'll guide us until we die
We'll read your Bible, and keep your laws
We'll ask for forgiveness, and hope you excuse our flaws
Then at heavens gate, St Peter will show us the way
You'll welcome us home and let us stay
We have glory in the morning when the sun shines bright
We feel blessed into the evening and through the night

© 2005 Joyce Ann Geyer


I love you, O Lord, my strength
Psalm 18:1

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