The Lord Listens....

The Lord Listens.....

The Lord doesn't listen just to the strong,
Or to only the brave and the wise;
But He seeks out the needy, and broken and poor,
And those who have tears in their eyes.

He loves all His saints who give praise to His Name,
And all those who are faithful and just,
But He also loves sinners who call on His Name,
And He longs for their faith and their trust.

He patiently calls all the lost ones to come
And drink from the fountain of life.
He'll forgive ev'ry sin, and He'll heal ev'ry wound,
And give peace midst all troubles and strife.

For He knows ev'ry heart, and He hears ev'ry cry,
And He always is there when we call,
He'll provide all our needs from His boundless supply,
When we love Him, and give Him our all.

Betty Jo Mings ©2002

Psalm 6:9 (KJV)
The Lord hath heard my supplication;
the Lord will receive my prayer.

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