The Master Painter......
The Master Painter......

On a clear day, I see
A painting in the sky
Painted so lovingly
And so new

When I see the wonder
That people now can view

His eyes are the deepest blue
Like the ocean in the sky

His heart is red with colors
From the master painter's eyes
He said it was a miracle
For all of us to see
When he gave His life for thee

For he seen me crying
He saw me laugh with joy
The picture of what he made
He loves to paint the beauty
And the beauty

I know now there's a time and a place
For the master painter to show His grace
A beautiful dream when His work is through
A poetry of love for you

He has protected me as I walk in
This world so true when he paints
The master painter, the angels are singing too
I have seen His finished work
Of every kind, He watches over us
We are on His mind

I'm glad I met the master painter
The master painter


Written, musical score, and sung by
singer/songwriter Gary Matthews
Co-writers Linda Ann Henry
The people's poet
© 2009 G.M. Music Studio,
Registered ©2009 BMI
This recording is published from

and directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on
Available on Cd baby

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