To The One I Love

You are someone special to me
Since the very first day we met
You brighten many of my days
You're someone I could never forget

Though sometimes the clouds are gray
When life gives us steep mountains to climb
We need to hold on and keep the faith
Believing everything will improve with time

During the quiet time that we have been given
We can reflect upon and know we are blessed
We can thank God for His love and care
While we are receiving this time of rest

Just like reading an interesting book of choice
Our life changes with each chapter and page
If we keep on with it, we get past this one
And onto yet another fascinating stage

Always know darling that I am here for you
God has seen that it be just this way
I adore and love you so very very much
My heart belongs to you today and every day

Norma Duncan ~AKA~ Mistymaiden © 2007
God's Rock Of Glory

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