Everywhere I Am, There You Be

Everywhere I am, there you be
In the parks, ocean, on a hot air balloon
Your voice I hear, everywhere
It echoes in my mind
For all my life, unending time

Everywhere I am, there you be
Your name on every corner
You make my heart beat
I can see you in the air, soaring somewhere
Forever and a day, it will always be that way

Everywhere I am, there you be
In all the future, you are part of me
In the sun or rain, the moon and stars
Everywhere I go, you come too
In the day and in the night
I, with you, to make things right

I want you to know
how very much I love you so
We will never grow old
Let us stay inbetween time
So I can make you all mine
Everywhere I am, there you be
We will live through the ages,
Just you and me

Linda Ann Henry ©2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...

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