The night was dark and stormy
and the waves rose o'er the deck.
It seemed there was an albatross
hanging 'round my neck.
I tried to pierce through sea squalls
but the waves came high and fast.
There was just one thing I could do
and I prayed to God at last.

How often do we leave 'til last
the thing we first should do?
How often do we try to solve
problems by rushing through?
Oh, Lord, I pray that You would hear
my earnest cry for help
and keep me, Lord, from trying
to do the Impossible myself.

For only You can calm my heart,
or still the tossing sea
and only You can give me hope,
where no hope seems to be.

Remind me, Lord, to always pray
before trouble begins,
so You won't have to rescue me
from stumbling again.
I commit to You my life once more
and by Your grace, I know
that you will gently guide me
everywhere I go.
Now grant me the perseverance
to complete the task at hand
and I'll give You praise and glory
while I follow Your command..

2002 Dorothea K. Barwick

2 Samuel 22:33
God is my strength and power:
And he maketh my way perfect.

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