The Sun Still Shines ........

Behind the clouds,
The sun does shine,
Behind the trials
Shines love divine.

Surely when the rain drops
The sun is still there;
Surely when thunder roars,
The sun is still near.

Though hidden from sight,
Though veiled by clouds,
The sun is still radiant
When darkness enshrouds.

Teach me then, O Lord,
To see You in the rain;
Teach me, O Lord,
To rejoice in pain.

For surely You shine
Both in ease and in trial,
Surely You reign,
Yea, all the while.

As the rain falls,
As it pours upon me,
I envision the Son
Shining in all His glory.

The raindrops are His kisses,
His blessings ever sweet,
For there in the trial
Cross and crown do meet.

Lord Jesus, I desire
Whatever You do bring;
In sun and in rain,
My heart shall sing.

I bask in sunshine days
Rich with Your grace;
So too the rainy days
I gratefully embrace.

Ever more like You,
I do long to be;
If through trial You sculpt,
My Lord, let it be.

And may I bring You glory
In all that I do;
In sunshine and in rain,
May I live for You.

When hidden from sight,
When veiled by clouds,
You are still radiant
When darkness enshrouds.

Surely when the rain drops;
You are still there;
Surely when thunder roars,
To my heart You are near.

Yea, behind the clouds,
My Beloved, You shine;
So I sing in the rain
Of Your love divine.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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