As I approach the Throne of Grace
And fall before it on my face

I cry to the Lord, my eyes all teary
Lord, give me strength, for I am weary

My burdens are heavy, and I feel so weak
My pride is strong, Lord, help me be meek

Work is hard, there's no time to pray
Forgive me, O Lord, on this very day!

Then the Lord took me to His heart.
My special child, 'You've made a start!

"Your sins are forgiven, your strength I renew.
I'll take care of your burdens, like I promised to.

Your pride, I will humble. Work I'll make small.
Give me your troubles, I'll take them all!

When you feel down, Just look above,
My sweet child....
It's you that I love"

Written by: Mary Ann Bachmeier & her Lord and Saviour

I'd like to share how God used me during prayer. Let me explain... I use to suffer depression during different times of the year so I understand how it can render one exhausted. I received an urgent prayer request that a member of my church was suffering severe depression and I began to lift him in prayer. During my prayer, I began to be filled with all these words. I put them to paper and drove to this man's house. He read the poem (as it turned out to be) and was grateful. He said that it was exactly how he felt. I have since shared this with others and just tried to share God's love and mercies with others. I pray that this might bless at least one person.

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