Many things in this old world
Are so corrupt today
With prisons overflowing
And children gone astray.

The word of God is quite taboo
It brings our country shame
To seek Him in a public place
One dare not speak His name.
He won't be found in classrooms
It would be found, a sin
To let our small ones gather round
And offer praise to Him.

They've taken God from every book
And from our government
The laws that made our country strong
Are crooked, vile and bent.
I only pray, it's not too late
To turn it all around
Etch the Bible in the hearts
Of everyone in town.

For if we wait and tarry on
And go about our way
God will finally shout enough
The trumpet then will play.
We will not find sweet mercy
When we look to Him for grace
We will not see contentment
When we gaze upon His face.

We'll know His wrath and fury
With our backs against the wall
He'll say, I never knew you.
The curtain then will fall.

Marilyn Ferguson© 2004


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