God Gave Me The Will To Live..........
God Gave Me The Will To Live..........

I prayed to God
and He gave me love and care
I prayed for faith,
For He is always there
Then I prayed for hope
and He told me it was everlasting
I asked for beautiful skies
and flowers which grow
I prayed for His great love
Never to let go

I prayed to see a butterfly,
fly over the rainbow
Pink, blue and green
I prayed, Dear God
give me the will to live
May God hold me close
Until many years go by
When He takes me by the hand
Then off to Heaven I will fly

I pray God keeps me safe
As my soul and heart are His
The beauty of the earth
Can never be like the Glory
in Heaven, which is His

Linda Ann Henry © 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet
For my sister Christina

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