The Word........

In the beginning was The Word
And The Word came down to men
Clothed in a body
God prepared to die for sin
Full of Grace and Truth
He walked upon this sod
He was very much a man
Yet the full measure of God

He spoke about the Kingdom
He had come to represent
He pointed to the prophesies
To prove He had been sent
Some accepted what He preached
Supportive of His claim
Others laughed and mocked Him
Believed Him quite insane

But He was The Word
Come down to earth
And He spoke The Word
To bring about His very birth
As strange as it may seem
His own death He prophesied
To give sinful man eternal life
He let Himself be crucified

No, men didn't take His life
He so humbly laid it down
But He raised it up just as He said
Death couldn't keep Him bound
You see, The Word was spoken
That The Word was to survive
Now back at the Throne of God
The Word is very much alive

Jesus was The Word
Come down to earth
God came in the flesh
To offer all of us new birth
This was and is the Greatest News
This world has ever heard
If we want to reach The Father
We'll reach Him through The Word

Doris Jacobs-Covington ©11-10-07

Psalm 119:105 KJV
Your word is a lamp for my feet,
And a light for my path.

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