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There is snow falling this CHRISTmas

I feel it is going to snow this CHRISTmas
God's birthday, it will be
Now I see out my window
There is snow falling for me

I can taste it as it falls to earth
It makes me feel so good,
I am God's treasure, a woman with a soul
I know His goodness from above,
I do not want it to go

There is snow falling this CHRISTmas
Right outside my door
If I sit so very still I can hear,
As I give thanks to Jesus
For helping me get through this year

May it snow forever, make my mind to know
I have so many blessings
I have my eyes to see,
I have my ears to listen
To the love of my family.

There is snow falling this CHRISTmas
I will make a snowman,
In the snow I fall, I see angel wings
I will take a sleigh ride, with the friends I meet
There will forever be snow
Falling at my feet.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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Snow Falling This Christmas written by Linda Ann Henry with love and brought to you from with love................

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