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Lightning And Thunder

Lightning and thunder, flashed the sky
Nailed to a cross, soon to die.
Forgive them, they know not what they do
Jesus Christ, suffered, for all is true.
Stripes left their mark, and He sighed
Side ripped open, and Jesus died.

The Veil split in half, and darkness set in
Jesus died for you and I without sin.
Garment so pure dice cast, for a seamless robe
Lightning flashing, and thunder crashing.
To see the sky, and try to understand
The awesome power, of the Master's hand.

Jesus cried for a world gone astray
Built in perfection, God turned away.
Jesus on the cross, for you and I.
Sadly God watched, as Jesus pray.
Stripes on his back, blood ran free
Jesus did this, for you and me.
This day is over; did you remember to pray?
A tear for the sinner, it happened that way.

© 1998 Clyde A. McClellen, Jr.

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