Tenderly He Watches............

Tenderly He Watches

Today He is watching
seeing your heart
Wanting to walk, life's pathway with you-
in all the love, He imparts

Today He is planning
glory for you
While He is changing, molding anew-
all that you are, all that you do

Today He is reaching,
to touch you with care
His life is unfolding, ever unfurling-
all the life that He bears

Today He is keeping
hold of your soul
Each moment you're held, nurtured, befriended-
only to make your heart whole

Today, you're beloved
kept from all harm
Your life is now carried, treasured forever-
safe in His arms

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007
Poetry from The Heart

Psalm 145:20
The LORD watches over all who love Him

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