Thank you To My Sister ....

Thank you To My Sister

Today my dearest sis, I sit
With thoughts of purest bliss
Of having you within my heart,
So I must send you this

You have been my confidante`
My best friend through the years,
Always there when I might need
Someone to comfort all my fears

Every path we've walked together
(I can't imagine it alone)
With all our talk and laughter
It feels like we are home,

Thank you for each day, dear sis
Your caring prayer, and being kind
I've thanked God you are my sis
From the day He made you mine.

Soft Whispers sissie from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

I'm so grateful for you sis
The way you love in all you do
So sweetly, for e'er so long
I'm so glad for you

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