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Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in time, I believe I will find you
You are everything I need
Maybe in the past or future you will find me
Can I make you my hero, who loves only my heart
Will you be able to look in my soul and see what it holds.

Somewhere in time, I will cry out your name
When we connect, we will lock our eyes together
That will be when our lives meet, in a paradise for two
I may be wearing clothes out of date
You may be wearing clothes of time yet to be

Somewhere in time, I would like a knight
In shining armour, will you be my love
If I give you my hand, you will take it slowly
I have looked everywhere, in this time there is no one
Will you be the one I never knew
Somewhere in time, will your heart for me be true.

Somewhere in time, we can live forever and never die
Only our true beings, caught in a special place
One which can never be erased
So hold me to you and do not let me go
Together we are complete, we are whole.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I love you...

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