Time After Time written by Derry ~aka~ Heartwhispers with love..........
Time After Time..........

Time after time, He's ever the same
Each day He is living in me
No moment can pass, but He is my God
In all that He says is to be

Time after time He is taking me through
No matter the grief that may strike
His gentle comfort is ever my rest
The peace in the dark of the night

Time after time, when all seems so lost
A miracle comes to my soul
To lift the confusion that wrestles within
He brings the healing in all

Time after time, He is always my Lord
My Savior in wildest of storms
I cannot live without knowing my God
To unlock the beckoning doors

Time after time, I can trust who He is
And all that He plans yet to be
His loving I know is forever divine
My Jesus is always in me

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007
Poetry From The Heart

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