'Tis Finished..........

Jesus endured beating, nails and the spear
From His sacred broken body flowed,
Blood and water from His side,
He stayed on the cross and died for you and I.

Thank you Lord for spilling your blood for me
'Tis finished, the debt is paid,
He bore my strips and set men free,
O Lamb of God, there's none like Thee!

He bowed His head gave up the ghost
I praise Him for sacrificing for me,
Oh such love, such amazing love,
He laid down His life for you and me!

Amen! Death could not hold Him
He broke the chains and rose again,
In His great glory He did shine,
There's never been a love like Thine!

Bernice Ward ŠJuly 2013

Luke 23:46 (KJV)
And when Jesus had cried with a
loud voice, he said, Father,
into thy hands I commend my spirit:
and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.

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