Is This Togetherness written by Norma Duncan.......
Is This Togetherness.......

He likes one thing, she likes another
He wants to go some place alone
She wants him to go out with her
Is this togetherness and a happy home?

She wants to go to Church, he doesn't
She wants to go out and eat today
He wants to stay home and rest
Does this sound like love on display?

She cooks and cleans every day
He messes and scatters all he can
He likes to stay in his little den
Is this the way Adam and Eve began?

He wants her to brag on his hobby
Her hobby he will not even look at
It doesn't interest him just a little bit
Isn't this a reason for real combat?

She only sees him when he wants to eat
He always wants it to be what he will like
He wants to eat lots of fat, she cooks lean
So he wonders why she wants to strike?

She likes romance and lighted candles
He only likes to talk politics and war
She likes to joke, laugh, and make love
Understand why she thinks he is a bore?

She believes the Bible is the Word Of God
He believes men wrote it, may not be true
She says, she believes prayer changes things
But wonders why it hasn't changed you?

When you do decide to get married
Get to know each other, to avoid stress
Or some day you may awake from the dream
Wondering if this is really togetherness?

2 Cor. 6:14
Be ye NOT unequally yoked together with
unbelievers: for what fellowship hath
righteousness with unrighteousness,
and what communion hath light with

Norma Duncan © 2007
God's Rock Of Glory

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