A Bright Tomorrow ......

 A Bright Tomorrow ......

My love and I see the rainbow
Its beauty takes away our sorrow
We look out over the horizon
Knowing God will bring a bright tomorrow.

At times our joy may be incomplete
And sadness may come our way
Keeping our savior by our side
Our tomorrow will be a brighter day.

God's Rainbow

When tribulations come our way
And our cross is heavy to bear
God is there to share our load
Because He gives us love and care.

Each battle that we have conquered
We know God helped us to succeed
He will bring a bright tomorrow
God takes care of our every need.

Glenna M. Baugh © 8/05/05
Living by Faith

"A bright tomorrow will be ours
if we finish today knowing we
have done our best."
Quote by Glenna

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 A Bright Tomorrow written by Glenna M. Baugh......

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