Calvary's Tree

Are you weak and heavy laden
Are you cumbered down with care
Does the weight upon your shoulders
Seem like more than you can bear?
Do you struggle with life's burdens
As you travel on life's road
Do you tend to bend and buckle
Under such a heavy load?

My friend, just think of Jesus
How He suffered and He died
For our sins and our transgressions
He was whipped and crucified.
Imagine how He stood the pain
It cut right to the bone
The anguish that He must have felt
Up there, so all alone

Each strap that lashed across His back
Brought pain beyond belief
While soldiers laughed and scorned Him
How He prayed for some relief.
A crown of thorns was laid to rest
Upon His weary head
While angry crowds cried crucify
He suffered and He bled.

My friend, just think of Jesus
He was such a wretched sight
They bound Him to a rugged cross
He died without a fight.
The nails were driven through His hands
He moaned in agony
Yet, He would do it all again
He'd give His life for me.

So my friend, just think of Jesus
When you grumble and complain
You'll see Him there on Calvary
The place where He was slain.
That lowly figure on the cross
Will slowly come to life
You'll see the anguish in His eyes
The torment and the strife

You'll see the sweat upon His brow
The burdens that He bore
All the things that bring you pain
Won't matter anymore.

© 2003 Marilyn Ferguson

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