Trinity He's The Father, Son and Holy Ghost....


"What is a trinity?"
she quizzed anxious for my reply.
A typical five-year-old
asking who, what, when and why.
"Trinity means three,"
I was real quick to confide.
"Does this mean there are three Gods?"
she opened that door wide!

"No, of course not," I explained
but knowing full well I had not.
I just knew I had to try...
had to give this one my best shot.
"The Lord, our God, is One God...
He isn't two or three.
He's The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost...
a blessed Trinity.
He's like time in different forms
and we know time is one.
We're living in the present now
but the future's soon to come."
"Like tomorrow?" she joined in.
"Yes, and yesterday's the past.
Time goes on and on and on
but God will always last.
Now, we can separate it,
but we can't take time apart.
Like The Father, Son, and
The Holy Ghost are unified in heart.
Each have separate ministries,
but God's Substance can't be changed.
Just like time's a trinity
that none of us can re-arrange.
God is different in His offices,
yet, He is very much the same.
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
are composites of His Name."
"I'm not sure I understand,"
she confessed when I was done.
"I guess I'll wait until I'm older,
but I'm sure glad the Lord is One.

Doris Jacobs-Covington © 01-17-08

"Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God,
the Lord is One."
~Mark 12:29~

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