Tropical Paradise.....
Tropical Paradise.....


Trees swaying in the breeze
With heat and humid air
Boats sailing in the gentle wind
The humid air and breeze they share


Scenic memories from my mind
Clear sky of azure blue
Reflects slight clouds on the water
And casts a wonderful hue


Sandy beaches almost white
Slight footprints here and there
Some sheltered by cabanas
No shadows just a glare


Enjoy the waters edge
Cooling at your feet
All this is candy for
your eyes and is a real treat


If I could make a wish for you
It would be to see an ocean
No finer place I'd like to be
To feel the sea in motion

Joyce Ann Geyer 6-15-08

Wishing you a joyful Summer
filled with God's love and blessings!

The Lord is with you
when you are with him.
If you seek Him,
He will be found by you,
But if you forsake Him,
He will forsake you.
2 Chronicles 15:2

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