I Trust You Jesus

I have traveled many a pathway
And sometimes taken a turn so wrong
I have cried bitter tears
Because I felt I did not belong

I looked for help in places
Which did not have life
I did not know how to forgive those who have hurt me
And would not give up the fight
I wondered how I could let go
Of the heartache within my soul
I did not know where I should go

Then one day I had a vision
An angel came down to me
She had golden hair, the bluest eyes
She came to see me much to my surprise
"Jesus is very sad in heaven
He is looking for you to trust him
If you ever want to see His home
You must be free of sin."

I felt wanted for the very first time
I told the angel, to tell Jesus I am a lost sheep
I trust in you, my love is deep
Forgive me for seeing only me
There are other people who feel as I do
I will no longer look in the past
I shall see the future at last

I believe I now have a friend in this life and beyond
I will be happy, I will stay calm, for now I belong
Most of all, if I ever need help
Jesus will answer so I can love myself.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written for the angel in my life,
The lovely midi playing is "I believe in miracles"

Oh, that we could see
The power of eternity
Closing in upon this world
Power coming from above
Preparing for the One we love
Where trusting hearts will jump with glee
As those in bondage are set free.

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I Trust You Jesus

~ Created with love ~