Rose fragrance filled the heavy humid air
An elderly couple strolling across the bridge with care
Lads fishing at Seneca Creek hoping to catch a trout
Neighborhood playgrounds bustling with children roaming about

Memories fill our minds with summers of long ago
Midsummer twilight reflects a warm glow
White picket fences frame the homes along the lane
Hot humid evenings with a slight mist of rain

These are the summers of our lives
Vacations, and family from out of town arrives
May they all be happy cherished memories
Many seasons have come and gone over the centuries

Enjoy each and every day for each new day holds a surprise
Whether good or bad we learn to appreciate our lives
If we listen carefully to our elders in their wise advice
We all want to grow, and learn if we continue to try to be precise

© 2005Joyce Ann Geyer
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Poetry by Joyce

Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve
As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD
~Joshua 24:15~

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in the summertime
Thomas midis